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Days of the Week Stickers - Classic Sans-Serif Font

Days of the Week Stickers - Classic Sans-Serif Font

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Organize your week with a creative twist using our Days of the Week Sticker Sheet, featuring a classic sans-serif typeface. These days of the week sheets feature four weeks worth of days in an elegant style. These sheets offer a sophisticated, upscale way to keep track of your days, making them a fantastic addition to any journal, planner, or scrapbooking project. Use them in your reading journals to track your weekly reading goals, incorporate them into your planners for a vibrant weekly setup, and more. Stand out and express your elegance with these classy day of the week headers!


Printed on high quality white matte sticker paper (not waterproof!).

Sticker sheet measures 3.95 x 5.95 inches.


Star Joy Studio stickers are not meant to be worn on skin or clothing. Colours may vary slightly depending on your screen, lighting, etc. All our designs and illustrations are for personal use only and cannot be distributed without permission.

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