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Ethereal Aesthetic Sticker Sheet

Ethereal Aesthetic Sticker Sheet

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Immerse yourself in a world of delicate beauty with our Ethereal Aesthetic Sticker Sheet. Designed to capture the essence of soft, magical, and whimsical themes, these handmade illustrated stickers are perfect for adding a touch of angelic charm to your creativity. Whether you're journaling, planning your week, or scrapbooking memories, these stickers provide the perfect ethereal touch. Featuring unique and beautiful illustrations, these stickers are soft and feminine, with purple and pink-toned imagery of butterflies, flowers, potions, a swan, unicorn, and more.  They're perfect for anyone who loves to infuse their day-to-day life with beauty, magic, and a touch of the extraordinary.


Printed on high quality white matte sticker paper (NOTE: these stickers are not waterproof).

Sticker sheet measures 3.95 x 5.95 inches.


Star Joy Studio stickers are not meant to be worn on skin or clothing. Colours may vary slightly depending on your screen, lighting, etc. All our designs and illustrations are for personal use only and cannot be distributed without permission.

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