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Victorian Historical Bookmark

Victorian Historical Bookmark

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Transport yourself to the opulent and refined world of the Victorian era with this historical themed bookmark. Perfect for fans of classic literature, historical fiction enthusiasts, and period drama admirers, this bookmark is beautifully designed to complement your reading experience with a touch of historical charm. Featuring motifs such as elegant Victorian boots, timepieces, Violins, and more, this bookmark encapsulates the essence of Victorian sophistication in soft pink tones. Ideal for marking your place in historical novels, your own journals, or any book where a stylish placeholder is needed. Elevate your classic literature reading sessions by pairing this bookmark with works by Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, or any Victorian-themed literature for a fun and immersive experience. It also makes an excellent gift for literature or history students, or for anyone who cherishes the Victorian era or enjoys collecting unique bookmarks that reflect their literary and aesthetic tastes.


Printed on matte 216 gsm cardstock coated with 3mm laminate, sturdy but thin and flexible. Because the edges are not sealed, the bookmark is not waterproof and ink will bleed if submerged in water; however, the front and back are water and stain resistant.

Measures approximately 2x7 inches.


Colours may vary slightly depending on your screen, lighting, etc. All our designs and illustrations are for personal use only and cannot be distributed without permission.

Designed and handmade in ON, Canada.
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